Follaton Rise – outstanding issues from Surveyor

After completing purchase of 33 Follaton Rise:

We have noticed many of the paving stones to the front and side of 33 Follaton Rise are damp to both the eye and to touch. We looked for obvious sources for the damp, cistern overflow or leaking pipework. After a hot dry day of moving our possessions into our new home these paving stones still hadn’t dried. We took these photos just before leaving, after 5 pm.

  1. Photographs taken 2nd August 18:30

  1. Photographs taken 3rd August 3pm

  1. Photographs taken 3rd August 17:30 pm

  1. Photographs taken 4th August 10:30 am

  1. Photographs taken 4th August 17:30 pm

  1. Photographs taken 5th August pm


Outstanding issues

    1. 2nd Floor balcony glass is not marked ‘Toughened’
        • [Vendor] The sellers state that the balcony was a part of the construction of the property as a whole. They developer would have complied with building regulations requirements at that time, but they cannot confirm specifically. They state you must rely on your own survey/inspection for this.
        • [Surveyor] I have spoken to our Surveyor who states that toughened glass is kite marked and if not the Builder will know why it is not.
        • By implication the other glass balconies at 33 Follaton Rise do have the ‘Toughened’ marking, why is this one different. Not a big deal and something the Builder will answer.
        • [Vendor via Marchand Petit] the kite mark on the glass balcony is covered by the steel bracket, he has said  if you want to see that you will have to take full balcony apart.

      • From: “GTPSW Customer Services (Galliford Try)” <>
        Date: 20 July 2018 at 13:25:01 BST
        To: jane wilkins <>
        Subject: RE: Safety glass and Radon certificate Afternoon,All of the balcony glass is toughened. This information is either stamped on the glass or with a clear sticker.Kind Regards,
        MichaelaMichaela Dring
        Customer Service Advisor
        Tel: 0800 9755946 Try Partnerships South West
        Killerton House, Unit 4 Park 5
        Harrier Way, Sowton Industrial Estate
        Devon   EX2 7HU
      • In view of the written confirmation from Galliford Try that all glass is ‘toughened’ perhaps this matter can be closed. We can also look at the Building Regs. Completion Certificate and treat that as evidence that everything is as it should be?
    2. Roof space ventilation: There was no evidence of ventilation for the roof space and this should be provided. However this may be concealed behind the gutters.Could the Vendor confirm the ventilation.
          • [Vendor] As with point e, they state that the property was built in line with building regulations.They have attached a photo which they state shows a ventilation grill in, I assume the ceiling of the third floor.

        • [Surveyor] I described the photo to the Surveyor of the vent pictured. He replied by referring to his own photograph of the roof space which shows very thick insulation across the roof space on top of the ceiling. He was sceptical that the vents would have any effect since they were covered by all the insulation. He added that he was not aware of all ventilation systems in use but suggested this line of enquiry was pursued further. Lack of ventilation could cause build up of damp on the joists inside the roof.
        • Again, the Surveyor was quite clear in his report and the question needs asking of the Builder, how is the roof space ventilated.
        • Vendor has provided the following:‘I have attached plans which (apologies, my only picture is blurry!) reads “Soffit ventilation to provide ventilation at least equal continuous strip 25mm wide” as per the regulations given on the website ink I provide here )., here is a link to the regs that say and demonstrate how our house has the wide vent spanning the whole width of the eaves, as per this photo. I have also attached plans from builder which refer to the vapour control membrane and show air bricks on plans.’

  1. There were adequate airbricks to the front of the property but none to the rear and additional airbricks should be provided.Is this something that the Vendor is aware of and should this be added to the snagging list.
  • [Vendor] As with point e/f, building regulations certification was given when the property was complete. The seller states some airbricks are present behind the garden furniture and the surveyor must have missed them.
  • [Surveyor] The Surveyor walked the perimeter of the building and saw no airbricks at floor level – they could have been hidden behind / below some decking which itself could be an issue.
  • The Builder needs to identify presence and location of the airbricks at the rear of the property.
  • The Vendor provided the following picture showing the location of the airbricks.