After completing purchase of 33 Follaton Rise

The are the issues outstanding with our home and need repairing and reported to the Builders:

Floor creaking

  • front door area
  • kitchen area by sink
  • creaking on top floor quite noisy to anyone in the bedrooms below

we don’t know how to demonstrate this apart from a sound recording as we walk around. The easiest example is on the ground floor. We should get in an independent flooring contractor to assess the issue?

Insulation in roof

  • doesn’t appear to be evenly spread
  • at least one area where ceiling is not covered which would lead to condensation and heat escaping
  • Surveyor warned of the insulation obstructing roof vents – we cannot see daylight from the ventilation area at the rear whereas we can from the front.

Shower tray in en-suite to main bedroom

water collects and does not empty, apparently the floor is not level and this causes the room to remain damp when the heating isn’t on to dry out the room

Loose flagstones outside

These have not been laid correctly or perhaps there is an issue with the underlying ground?

Water on steps to North of building

Every so often water / damp appears on the concrete staircase outside the building. I can only see two possibilities:

  1. Water is seeping from the back garden and overflowing down the steps
  2. The Gas Boiler (water exhaust) which is high up on the North Face of the building is exhausting the water and the wind is blowing it to cover the entire staircase
    • we understand that Building Regulations prohibit exhausts so far from ground level.

Even when not frozen the water makes the staircase slippery and dangerous, freezing will add to the problems.

Loose saitaryware in bathrooms

We have been shown by the plumber how to tighten these up and have done so.

Outside lights

Both front and rear lights are like this!! The light should be perpendicular to the ground.

We can’t imagine that they were designed to be fitted this way, they should be perpendicular to the ground. I realise this is for aesthetic reasons and does not affect the functionality.

 After (immediately) completing purchase of 33 Follaton Rise:

We have noticed many of the paving stones to the front and side of 33 Follaton Rise are damp to both the eye and to touch. We looked for obvious sources for the damp, cistern overflow or leaking pipework. After a hot dry day of moving our possessions into our new home these paving stones still hadn’t dried. We took these photos just before leaving, after 5 pm.